The Pumi is an active dog, combining the biddability and intelligence of the herding dog along with the alertness and activity of a terrier.

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Cypress Bay Pumik is committed to breeding sound, healthy dogs that allow them to do their jobs.  This may be running agility, lure coursing, scent work, conformation, or a devoted family pet.  Our puppies are stimulated using current development processes to help them  prepare for life without their littermates and into their life with their new family.  We have, between the two of us,  successfully bred dogs for over a half century.  We use that knowledge together with the traits of the pumi to bring a confident, loving, well balanced dog to each family.

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“Scout is very different from other dogs. She always wants to see your face and makes it a point to look in your eyes. It’s as if she’s reading your acceptance of her. When she gets what she is looking for, she goes back to her pursuits. Perception may be one of her many characteristics. Great partner and friend as she is just one year old.  Lots to look forward to!”

testimonial from a friend, This speaks volumes about Loving a Pumi.


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“Scoot came into our lives in 2016. He is a very friendly dog to people and other dogs. He will even work for our trainers as they demonstrate skills. He is very smart and can be very manipulative to get what he wants. We work hard on him getting what he wants but he must do something for it first. Scoot was very motion sensitive as he is a herding dog and we had to really work on his focus. Scoot is a barker. He does it mostly when he is running agility and when I do not give him work fast enough. Let’s say “he keeps me on my toes”. To work on relaxation, we have developed his love for his crate and other relaxing techniques, so he has some off-switch time. It has been so much fun to train. The Pumi is not for the faint of heart. They need a lot physical and mental exercise. When Scoot runs, the audience say “wow, run Rosemary, run”. However, with that comes training.”

testimonial from rosemary, a performance sports dog owner